And right when. Here’s why.

The decisions you make both individually and on behalf of your enterprise are based on facts, figures and financial impact. The fresher and clearer the information, the better the outcome.

That’s the edge Bauerle and Company, P.C. brings to your financial team.

We are a Denver-based accounting firm providing financial, tax, consulting and management advisory services to valued clients throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Our service strategy, fine-tuned over three decades, integrates three powerful forces:

  • the continuity of professional service that comes from high staff retention rates,
  • the ability to customize proven processes to meet specific client requirements;
  • a practice culture that prizes intelligence, integrity and immediate response.

We believe it’s time to put accountability back in accounting. And that starts with our being right there.

We are back to normal business hours. Please give us a call should you need our assistance.


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Upcoming Deadlines

September 15th 2014 Individuals: If you are not paying your 2014 income tax through withholding (or will not pay enough tax during the year), you will need to pay the third installment of your 2014 estimated